For Men

Mens Brow Styling

We specialise in brows for men and are great at making brows look not ‘done’…..unless thats the look you want!

You can choose from a basic tidy or go for a full restyle and brow colour….and everything in between.

We will talk with you first about the look you hope to achieve and always work slowly showing you the progress as we go along.

Mens Brow Tidy

(30 Mins)

This is the perfect treatment for keeping on top of your brows.

Excess hair from between & underneath the brows is removed using wax, tweezing and trimming.

We avoid creating any straight lines so the boys won’t know you’ve had them done!

Custom HD Brows For Men 

(1 Hour)

This treatment is influenced by the much talked about High Definition (HD) 7 step brow treatment.

If you like a more groomed look or want colour added as part of your treatment then this is the service for you. This is a bespoke treatment & we will go through a thorough consultation first so we get the perfect level of grooming and style for you.

A patch test is required 48 hours in advance of this service..

Hair is removed from between, under and above the brows, we usually combine waxing, tweezing, threading and trimming where necessary. We are experts when it comes to mens brow grooming, we understand your skin may be more sensitive and your hair tougher so we know to be careful. We have special wax for skin that is delicate and if you really can’t bear threading we will miss it out. We want you to have the best experience possible and not dread getting in the chair next time!

Our aim is to give you the brows that suit you and your style so, unless highly defined is what you have asked us for, we avoid creating straight lines, strong colour or a sharp finish and keep your brows looking masculine.

When it comes to colouring brows we like to keep it soft and natural and match up to your own hair tones. We use tint to create depth and and even tone to the brows rather than a false coloured in look.

Lash Tint For Men

(30 Mins)

Men often have lashes that women envy but we know you don’t always feel comfortable wearing makeup to darken them.

This is where lash tint come in, smudge proof, waterproof and lasts 4-6 weeks you can have permanently dark lashes that define your eyes and make your natural eye colour pop… After all, how do you think the A-listers get that look???

Aesthetics For Men

Botox and fillers aren’t just the domain of women, many men are opting for injectable facial procedures and we regularly book in guys at Brows Etc.

Our aesthetics specialist, Hayley Berry, offers no obligation, free consultations so you can discuss your concerns and discuss your options without commitment.

Hayley’s approachable manner and her ability to put her clients ease sees her clients returning again and again.

She is know for creating subtle changes so no-one need even know you’ve had anything done!