Before opening Brows Etc Facial Bar, salon owner Amanda spent over 20 years in the nail industry.

Her knowledge of nail care is considerable and she is passionate about keeping up to date with this ever evolving industry. Her passion has always been for preserving the health of the natural nail and for keeping nails as natural looking as possible.

We only ever use products from reputable brands and suppliers that are manufactured to strict FDA/CE standards and suppliers and work to the highest hygiene and safety standards at Brows Etc.

The rise of the use of cheaply manufactured imported gel polishes, often used by untrained professionals, has lead to a huge rise in the onset allergic reactions. Our services may cost a little more than others and that is because we never compromise on the products we use. We only work with the industries original and best brand CND Shellac and also use their latest inovation CND Plexigel for those needing a little more strength & longevity from their nail service.


Superior service with CND™ SHELLAC™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Colour system features a Base Coat, Colour Coat and Top Coat — and the exclusive CND™ LED Lamp.

CND™ SHELLAC™ is the original hybrid nail colour. It was the first soak off gel to be developed and Amanda started working with this amazing game changing polish from the start of its launch in 2010. It goes on like polish, 14+ day wear with high shine and fast removal. It is the perfect long wear alternative to regular polish and ideal for those who don’t like a bulky nail or prefer to remove their nail colour at home.

If you need a longer wear option then we suggest you have a base of CND™ PLEXIGEL to give additional strength and longevity.

If you have damaged or dry nails you can add an IBX treatment as a base for your CND™ SHELLAC™ manicure too.

There’s a colour or design to suit everyone and we have a huge range of colours to choose from which we continually add to, layering options, glitters, additives and nail art are also available with us.



Have you always relied on nail extension because you think your nails won’t grow? Would you like to try to ‘go natural’?

Perhaps you work in the healthcare or catering industry and can’t wear gel coatings or colour on your nails. At Brows Etc Facial Bar have had amazing results using the IBX natural nail strengthening system. Unlike many options for adding strength to nails it doesnt create a layer on top of the nail, there is nothing that can chip or peel off just wonderful invisible strength.

The two-part system, comprised of IBX and IBX Repair, is also the key to protection from soak-off damage and the solution to weak, damaged, peeling nails in only a few applications. Both IBX and IBX Repair penetrate into the nail plate and work to toughen from the inside out. It is the first treatment of its kind as it is applied like a polish, cured with LED or UV light, works inside the nail as opposed to sitting on top and requires no removal.



CND PLEXIGEL™ Shaper is a crystal-clear brush-on gel enhancement that provides strength and protection to the natural nail for 3+ week wear.


  • When used as a base coat for your chosen CND™ SHELLAC™ colour it creates a high-strength protective barrier which boosts colour longevity.
  • Protects and adds a layer of strength to the natural nail.
  • Provides shape to shapeless, flat nails.
  • Promotes natural nail growth.
  • Minor chips, cracks, and splits can be mended with CND PLEXIGEL’s flexible and tough coating that also protects the natural nail simultaneously.

Backed by science and deeply rooted in nail health, this straightforward healthy system brush-in-a-bottle (BIAB) system requires no mixing or dipping.

You can choose to leave your nails clear with a high gloss shine or finish with your favourite CND™ SHELLAC™colour and also add nail art, the options are endless!


plexigel CND


Do your nails need an intervention? Have you been wearing extensions or overlays for years and would like to grow your own nails again?

First step is to have your extensions professionally removed by the technician that applied them for you, we can then put you on a course of IBX Repair & Strengthen treatments with us (generally for around 3 months or until your nails have recovered) and we will suggest that you use CND RESCUERXX™ twice daily on your bare nails until they are healthy enough for us to start adding a colour coating.

We only use CND™ Shellac, the worlds leading gel polish system, which and is renowned for its easy removal and for not causing damage to the natural nail, so when applied over IBX by a professional and removed correctly you will have the very best chance of your nails returning and maintaining their former health.

Please note, these treatments are not suitable for you if you have developed an allergy to any gel nail products.





As part of you nail service we provide a comprehensice dry manicure where we will perfect your cuticles so that they complement your new perfectly polished nails!

All nail services are finished with cuticle oil and luxury hand cream which are available to purchase from ourselves.


Nail art is something we love to do too, hand painted art, Swarovski crystals, foils and glitter nails are all something we offer. Follow us on social media for our latest designs.

Bring us your ideas or let us have a play!