Medical Microneedling Training

Your Course 

This course consists of an in depth theory session followed by a demonstration where I will train you on a one on one basis in the use of an electronic pen device to provide effective and safe medical microneedling. You will also gain knowledge on how to choose and deliver sterile mesotherapy solutions.

I currently train and will demonstrate using the Raffine pen and will use CLINICARE products for the treatments although I am able to offer advice and help on other brands.

I only use the highest medical grade CE MARKED equipment. Sterile and safe protocols are trained, you will be trained to to use a sterile field and single use sterile equipment and products when delivering this treatment. Patient safety and a hygienic working practice are paramount when providing any treatment that breaks the skin.

Learning to work to these standards will ensure you can expect exceptional results without complications when performing these treatments on your own clients

Training consists of an in depth theory session which is done in person and allows time for you to ask questions. This is followed by a demonstration of the protocol by myself on a live model. You will the be given the oportunity to carry out the treatment yourself under close 1 to 1 supervision on a live model. You will also be taught how to incorporate other modalities such as radio frequency and LED into this treatment.

As professionals we understand that our clients need to be using quality, carefully chosen products for homecare to complement their in clinic treatments. Retail is also a vital part of any successful salon and I am passionate about helping other therapists to overcome their fear of  ‘selling’ and change this to a love of ‘helping’. So in addition to your training I will also help you to learn more about the CLINICARE range so that you can both comfortably use it in clinic and confidently choose the right  products to support your clients skin health following their visit to you. 

I was trained to believe that to offer any service you should have experienced it first hand yourself. This helps you to become confident in the treatment you are to deliver and also helps you to be able to explain to your clients what to expect both during and after treatment. I therefore offer to carry out this treatment on yourself at a reduced cost, this is charged in addition to the cost of the course should you wish to experience this procedure for yourself.

You will leave your training day being proficient in the application of microneedling and feel confident in offering treatments straight away within your own clinic.

I also offer mentoring and bespoke and refreshers courses to help you fill any skills gaps.


Amanda Middleton
4t medical approved training provider