Radio Frequency & Electroporation

Dual Injector Pro Training

This course covers theory, demonstration and hands on practical experience. You will learn the versatility of the Dual Injector Pro+ and how to build a treatment plan to achieve optimum results for patients. 

Radio Frequency has become a salon staple for practicioners offering aesthetic treatments. This non-surgical, non invasive lifting and firming treatment will sit perfectly alongside your current facial services. The Dual Injector Pro also has the advantage of an electroporation setting, delivering no needle mesotherapy. With the popularity of skin boosters, such as Profilo, and threadlifts, radio frequency and electroporation can be offered as a no needle alterative.

Training manual is provided.


Protocols Covered

Treating ageing and sagging facial skin

Use on neck and decolletage

No needle skin boosters

Fine lines and wrinkles

Firming and lifting jowls




Medic or NVQ level 3 or equivalent qualification.


Your Course

You will be instructed in the use of the Dual Injector Pro using the Clinicare range of products.

The dual injector pro is a cost effective, compact and effective device and is one of Amanda’s personal favourite facials, being particually effective at tackling skin laxity around the neck, jaw & chin.

You will be shown how to safely use this decice and be shown how to combined it with products from the Clinicare range to best effect. We will also cove the use of mesotherapy vials to give a no needle skin booster treatment.

Amanda Middleton
This treatment is incredibly cost effective and has a short 30 minute treatment time delivering exceptional results withzero downtime.

Training consists of an in depth theory session followed by a demonstration of the protocol by Amanda on a live model. You will the be given the oportunity to carry out the treatment yourself under 1 to 1 supervision on up to 2 models.

You will leave your training day being proficient in the application of radio frequency and electroporation and be able to offer treatments straight away within your own clinic.

To learn more about the Dual Injector Pro device and enquire about purchase please click here

What Our Course Covers


  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • How radio frequency and electroporation work
  • Indications for use
  • Effectiveness of treatment – including post treatment
  • Appropriate combining of further treatment options

Carrying out a consultation:

  • Skin analysis and pre-treatment considerations
  • Contraindications and cautions to treatment
  • Consenting clients

Demonstration and practice session:

  • Client preparation for treatment
  • Importance of describing the sensation of treatment to clients
  • Effective treatment techniques
  • Health and safety management: including choice of equipment, safe handling of products, and equipment management
  • Number and frequency of treatments
  • Use of homecare products

Treatment records:

  • Maintaining client records
  • Post treatment advice
  • Importance of treatment insurance
4T Approved Training Provider