When it comes to brows we really know our stuff. Having seen thousands of clients & every type of brow imaginable there is not much that we haven’t come across!

If you are after brow styling of the highest standard you have found the experts.

All stylists are highly trained and experienced in the art of creating the perfect brow. Each of us started out with HD Brows, salon owner Amanda is an HD Brows Master Stylist and has also been awarded the Elite Henna Stylist accolade by Mina Henna. Jenny Douglas is an HD Brows Pro Stylist. All stylists continually develop and update our skills and are always up to date with the latest brow trends & products.

At Brows Etc we don’t believe that ‘one brow style fits all’ or one treatment type is for everyone.

Choosing the right brow treatment and style to suit you is important.

This is why every one of our brow treatments start with a consultation, where we not only discuss your desired brow look, but we will help you with recommendations based on your face shape, skin tone and your individual style.

From a simple brow wax to a Brow Rehab regrowth programme we can help you to achieve the brows you’ve always wanted.

We offer a range of brow treatments to suit everyone, see our gallery for pictures of our work.

Brow Treatments

Brow Rehab At Brows Etc

Do your brows need an intervention?! Over plucked, threaded to within an inch of their life? All isn’t lost, we have helped countless clients to regrow their brows. We will talk you through how we hope to help you achieve the perfect brow for you.

We will also show you how to use brow products effectively to disguise any areas you are regrowing. To get the best results in “Brow Rehab’ we suggest you commit to 4 treatments of either Custom (HD) Brows or Henna Brow Sculpture taken at monthly intervals and use a brow growth serum to help speed up hair growth.

Brow Consultation

We know that you may not be sure which of our treatments you actually want and may be after some guidance from us so we’ve thought about this too, if you are undecided on which treatment you think is best for you then you can book in for a Brow Consultation where we will spend 30 minutes with you, during this time we will give your brows a tidy and finish, advise you on the best treatment options going forward and carry out any patch tests you may need.

Custom Brow (HD) Experience

At Brows Etc we have bought our own special spin to the original 7 step HD Brow treatment ,introducing our own favourite Belmacil tints and using make-up from the amazing EyebrowQueen range. We spend time brow mapping to create a bespoke shape to suit you & youryour unique shape before using a combination of hair removal techniques including precision waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming – all to create the perfect brow shape for you.

Finally we perfect your brows using EyebrowQueen makeup and finishing products which are also all available to purchase in salon and in our online store.

If you like to wear brow make up and want to make the most of our brows between appointments we are happy to give you a mini makeup lesson too and will recommend suitable products for your individual brow style.

Henna Brow Sculpture

Henna brow colouring has revolutionised the brow industry!

Using our expert brow shaping skills we will create you a beautiful shape using wax, threading & tweezing. We will then custom blend henna and apply it carefully to your brows in your chosen shape.

We can blend colours across the brow to create an ombre effect and add depth and definition to sparse areas of your brow. Henna can give the look of a powdered brow and the effects of the skin stain can last anything from 2-14 days with the colour on the hair lasting 6-8 weeks. It also has the added advantage that, unlike regular tint, it will effectively cover stubborn white hairs and is perfect for holidays as it lasts well in the sun.

Henna colouring It is perfect for those who like a made-up look, those with sparse brows or if you have gaps from over plucking or threading as the temporary stain left on the skin helps define brows.

Teen Brows

The treatment for 13-16 year olds. We will use a combination of hair removal techniques and our brow mapping skills to tidy your brows.

Many Mums bring their daughters & sons to us for expert styling to avoid them following in their footsteps and over plucking.

Too many of us didn’t get the right start with brows and have forever ruined our natural shape.

We always make time for teens to give them a short lesson on where not to remove hair from hopefully saving them from ever needing Brow Rehab!


Basic Brow Wax

Perfect for those that have grown their shape in and require a quick maintenance in between or client that have had microblading and need a tidy.

Not suitable for first treatment or total restyle.

Custom Brow Colouring & Brow Lightening

We carry a comprehensive range of brow tints & toners and use our expertise to custom-blend the perfect colour to complement your skin tone, hair tone and personal style.

As well as custom blended brow tinting we also offer pre-lightening and toning. The technique used to lighten brows can also soften course brow hair & also make resistant white hair absorb regular tint better.

Hot Wax For Brows

Do you have sensitive skin and have struggled with traditional brow waxing? We can offer you hot wax instead of strip wax as part of your brow treatment. Hot wax is super gentle, it ‘shrink-wraps’ each hair but doesn’t adhere to the skin so leaves minimal redness, is very effective and can be used on the most sensitive skin types. 

Brow Lamination

Lamination is a corrective technique that is used to smooth and redirect the hair growth, brows can appear thicker and fuller with this treatment, it is perfect for making sparse brows appear fuller and is also well know for those wanting to create a ‘brushed up brow’ effect.
As part of your treatment we will also use brow mapping to design the perfect shape for you then use a a combination of wax, threading tweezing and trimming to create the perfect shape. We will also mix a bespoke colour for you and apply this to your newly laminated brows.
A few finishing touches will be added using the luxury EyebrowQueen makeup products and your newly laminated brows should last your 6-8 weeks,

Brows Tips

You can have new brows in 3-4 months!

Having helped many clients through Brow Rehab we have found that on average after 3-4 treatments their brows have gained a much better shape but we still find they continue to improve 12-18 months after.

Don’t give up hope…keep using you brow makeup on the sparse areas and your patience will pay off!

Good brows are anti-aging!

As we age our brow hair can become more sparse but as well defined brows are known to make us appear younger looking so its more important than ever to continue your brow styling routine. If your brow hair has become virtually non existent with age or illness Microblading can give you back your precious brows.

Brow hair sheds continually, eyebrows take up to 64 (give or take) days to regrow fully. Eyelashes are even more fleeting, taking only four to six weeks to come and go.

Be gentle with your brow hair! It is easy to pull brow & lash hairs out before they are naturally ready to shed leaving you with patchy brows. Over vigorous cleansing and clogging the hair follicle by not removing heavy brow products can all lead to excess brow shedding.

Why Choose HD Brows?