Microblading & Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is ideal for those requiring a long term solution to makeup or for those who are struggling to regrow natural brows or suffering from hair loss.

Years of over plucking or hormone issues can leave us with sparse, partial or non existent brows. If you have tried our regrowth programme and it just hasn’t worked for you this may be your next step.

We also offer eyeliner and lip enhancement treatments which are ideal for those that want to have a natural looking but permanent makeup.

Would you like to have smudge free makeup in the gym or by the pool?

Would you like to wake up with makeup? If so this is the  treatment for you.

We also offer scalp micro pigmentation for both men & women. By creating a shaded effect on the scalp this process can cleverly disguise thinning hair in both women & men.

For total baldness we can even treat the entire head area creating an effect that looks like a buzz cut.

Sharon is our in-house specialist in micro pigmentation. All treatments start with a free consultation where your questions can be answered and your suitability for the treatment assessed.

You can view some of Sharon’s work in our gallery.

If you would like to talk to Sharon about one of the treatments she offers or make an appointment for an free consultation please complete our contact form 

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How Long Does it Last…

Each person will hold the pigment differently, some longer than others, and that can be due to age, skin, sun exposure and lifestyle.

As a guide we say 12-18 months.

Your follow up appointment with Sharon at 5-6 weeks after your initial treatment is a vital part of the procedure, this will affect the colour retention as is following the correct aftercare.

Additional top-ups may be required in some cases.

A Colour Boost is recommended yearly to retain the shape and pigment colour but you may choose to refresh the colour sooner if you want to keep it really crisp.

Is it Painful…

While there is some discomfort felt, most would not regard it as pain. You may wish to purchase pharmacy numbing cream and apply it yourself prior to your treatment if you are at all concerned about pain.

What is the Difference Between Microblading and Traditional Semi Permanent Make-Up…

Microblading is a process of implanting pigment into the upper layer of the skin, the permanent make-up pigments will fade quicker as opposed to traditional semi permanent make-up which is applied with a digital machine & generally deposits the pigment at a slightly deeper level.

Do You Remove The Brow Hair First…

No not at all we will work in harmony with existing brow hair to create natural, realistic looking brows.

Natural brow hair styling is very much a part of the microblading procedure, by combining good natural brow grooming with microblading you can be sure to get the very best from this procedure.

If you have alopecia, please be assured that although there may not be brow hair present, the treatment will also be ideal for you!

Who Are These Treatments Suitable For?

Microblading & semi permanent makeup is perfect for those who just simply can’t grow their own brows back or who want to add a subtle ‘base coat’ to an already good brow. Whether you need to fully reconstruct brows lost through alopecia, define sparse brows, cover gaps, or fill in over tweezed brows microblading can help.

Still Undecided…

Consultations for these treatments are free and without obligation so please come and talk to us!

If it is a new brow look you are hoping for but are unsure about committing to permanent makeup then maybe consider trying our ‘Brow Rehab’ programme. At Brows Etc we are known for helping hundreds of clients to cultivate amazing natural brows by using our famous brow regrowth program.

This consists of 4-6 treatments taken at mostly intervals, where we will help you to get the brows you’d like. We have had fantastic success with clients who thought their brows were ruined forever after years of over plucking, threading or waxing.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Treatment?

Upon completing your Consultation and Medical form, using her expertise in brow design Sharon will spend considerable time discussing & planning your new brows.

You can expect your treatment to last up to 2 hours.

Some redness and mild swelling may be experienced after the treatment, but you should be able to continue with your day to day tasks.

Before and After photos will be taken to document your results. If you would prefer these to not to be used on social media, please inform us.

You will be given full aftercare instructions and talked through the healing process.

After Your Treatment…

You will be given aftercare instructions following your treatment. To ensure your semi permanent make up heals properly and to give it the best possible chance of retaining colour, you should follow all aftercare advice.

If you have had a brow treatment remember your natural brow hair will continue to grow & will need to be maintained. Our Express brow treatment will keep your brow hair in check and add definition & depth to your new brows.

As your brow makeup fades we often suggest you try henna colouring as we find it works perfectly to temporarilly refresh your colour. It is the ideal treatment to have if you are not quite ready for your colour boost but want to sharpen up your brow colour.

Continue with your regular brow grooming routine and book an annual Colour Boost with Sharon to keep your microblading looking it’s best.