Microblading Semi Permanent Makeup Brows Lip Tattoo

Microblading &

Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is ideal for those requiring a long term solution to makeup or for those who are struggling to regrow natural brows or suffering from hair loss.

Years of over plucking or hormone issues can leave us with sparse, partial or non existent brows. If you have tried our regrowth programme and it just hasn’t worked for you this may be your next step.

These treatments are done by our associate, Sharon, who works from her Nuneaton premises.

Sharon also offers lip colour treatments which are ideal for those that want to enhance their nature lip shape and re define the vermillion border which we naturally loose with age.

Scalp micro pigmentation for both men & women is also available. By creating a shaded effect on the scalp this process can cleverly disguise thinning hair in both women & men.

For total baldness we can even treat the entire head area creating an effect that looks like a buzz cut.

Sharon is our in-house specialist in micro pigmentation. All treatments start with a free consultation where your questions can be answered and your suitability for the treatment assessed.

You can view some of Sharon’s work in our gallery.

If you would like to talk to Sharon about one of the treatments she offers or make an appointment for an free consultation please complete our contact form 

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